Comic Boulevard finds itself in a post-hack world with very little remaining after the web-disaster. I have been thinking about how best to launch forth from Hackergate 2016 and have come up with a new project that will both restore what was lost to the site and continue the site’s mission of entertaining and enlightening the internet.

So, in an effort to restore Comic Boulevard, I present to you a new project called the “Remember When Parade!”

The Remember When Parade

The objective of the Remember When Parade is twofold. First, it seeks to return all of our lost treasures back to the internet. Each month I will rerelease bits of content that was once present on the site, starting from way back in our origins all the way up to the most present material. Second, it will serve as a new introduction to those who are unfamiliar with Comic Boulevard’s portfolio. I bet three-quarters of the internet have no idea what The Magnificent Marauders was (more like four quarters of the internet…there’s probably six people on the entire planet who maybe read those comics). This will give me a chance to show you our content with hindsight, context and commentary rather than just plopping it on the website for swift consumption.

Additional to the Remember When Parade, I will continue producing the academic aspect of this site: Deconstructing Comics. I thoroughly enjoyed that series and was very sorry that it got stunted after February. I can say that the work halted because my attention turned back to work on our upcoming graphic novel release (which is pretty awesome, if I do say so myself), and I will commit to rejuvenating the series alongside the Remember When Parade. For the first little bit of the Remember When Parade I will be restoring the original Decon-Comics articles to, but that will run out quick and then we are back to original content! I’ve been reading a ton of awesome comics and I can’t wait to get under the hood with you once again.

And so, barring another attack by the infamous Chinese Purse Peddlers, please celebrate and consume all that Comic Boulevard can offer you.