Continuing the Remember When Parade, this week we relaunch Comic Boulevard’s earliest production ever! The Magnificent Marauders (ran from 2009-2010). The show ended without ever being finished, but!, it lives on here on Comic Boulevard.

Before Comic Boulevard was comicblvd, I was a fresh young student of McMaster University. Like all students, I had aspirations. These were more than the usual “get good grades,” “lead a profitable, stable life,” etc. Oh no, I dreamed big! I pursued the creative road; considerably the most arduous pitfall rearing path since the one to Mordor. So, after about a year and a half of leg work and interviews with student run newspapers and more dreaming, I met another school talent named Jordan Collver (@JodanCollver). We met through a mutual friend and on our first introduction he showed me his sketchbook. Behold, I thought, this man is an illustrator of magnitude! Together we launched McMaster University’s premiere comic strip in the largest student run newspaper, The Silhouette.

The concept for the comic was simple. A small group of students, super powered of course, teamed together to defend campus from students of ill intent and any local banditry or villainy. We had a small amount of space each week on page nine of the newspaper (at least I remember it as being page nine…) to tell our ongoing epic saga called The Magnificent Marauders! (‘The Marauders’ is the name for all of McMaster’s sports teams. I figured it was only right that the super hero team don the same moniker, only more spectacular, more – magnificent – teehee).

We had two extra weeks to fill in before the show premiered in November of 2009. So we decided to print these adverts to tease for the imminent release of our first serial story, “Mech-Eng Online!” Even then we were showmen.

Behold, from the depths of our talent seven years ago, our primitive work:

Next post you’ll get to read strip 1, so don’t blink for an instant!