Launching on Comixology THIS WEDNESDAY – Comic Boulevard’s all new graphic novel, Kenta Monogatari! By Tony La Vella and Pyrink.

Alone in Feudal Japan, Kenta is the sole survivor of his village – a ninja village – erased by a deceitful samurai. Using all his martial skills and weapons, Kenta pursues a merciless, violent revenge. But how far is he willing to go to achieve his mission? Will he pay his soul for the blood of his enemies? His humanity?

Kenta Monogatari is the tale of a young man finding solace in vengeance. Lord Nobuaki, for purposes malign, destroys the village of Kumo. Kenta is the sole survivor and vows to reap revenge! Set in the glory and misery of Feudal Japan, this tale tests Kenta’s humanity against his fury.

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