The Magnificent Marauders – The Magnificent Marauders was a superhero serial comic printed in McMaster University’s student newspaper, The Silhouette, from 2009-2010. Authored by myself, illustrated by Jordan Collver and Joy San, it was a heroic action story celebrating our school and its creative talent.

Kid With a Cape – A comedy webcomic series launched in the Summer of 2012, ending in the Summer of 2013, illustrated by none other than Sean McLean (and sometimes guest artists). The series starred Super Tony and his sidekick JT Narrator (a narrator box) and a cast of silly cheeky people. It was wacky and absurd and all around cute! Super Tony never asked for his super powers and could care less about being a hero – but when trouble brewed who else was there?

The Nosferati – Illustrated by Rafael Desquitado Jr. and Pyrink, The Nosferati was a medieval horror story about Crusaders battling vicious ancient, but civilized, vampires. It was originally launched as a webcomic short in the Fall of 2012, then quickly reached its peak when Issue #1 was digitally published by Alterna Comics in the Winter of 2013 on Comixology. Regrettably, our contract was dissolved due to a discrepancy with the art team. A rough finished copy slumbers deep in the pits of my external hard drive…waiting, craving the day to be unleashed into the comic world once more!

Hostile Forces Unknown – A sci-fi short about a team of soldiers who happen upon a crashed alien ship, released in the Summer of 2013. Illustrated by Pyrink, parts of this idea were the nucleus for Comic Boulevard’s most celebrated release to date: Brass Knuckle!

Brass Knuckle – A sci-fi comedy about an all-muscle hero trying to rescue his all-gorgeous girlfriend from odd space aliens! Also illustrated by Pyrink, the story echoes the legend of Helen of Troy.

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Kenta Monogatari – Illustrated by Pyrink, this is the tale of a young man who lost everyone, and what he stands to lose in his pursuit of vengeance.

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